Textbox.io Editor Features

Responsive UI Design

Textbox.io not only looks great, it plays nice with any screen, at any size.

Advanced Inline Editing

Bring true WYSIWYG editing to any element within the context of a page.

Seamless Word Copy Paste

Import content from Word with Textbox.io's unique HTML cleaning abilities.

Copy Paste Image Import

Easily copy paste both images and text from applications like Microsoft Word.

Automatic Image Uploads

Textbox.io automatically uploads local images to your application from a desktop or mobile device.

Built-in Spell Checking

Textbox.io includes spell checking and autocorrect, helping users fix mistakes as they type.

Apply Customized CSS

Let users easily apply custom classes or inline styles with Textbox.io.

Markdown Formatting

Textbox.io instantly translates markdown syntax into HTML, making formatting a breeze.

Full Screen Mode

Cut out distractions and focus your attention with a minimalist, full screen mode.

Accessible & Compliant

Textbox.io is built with assitive technologies in mind, complying with the WAI-ARIA accessibilty standard.

Squeaky Clean HTML

Give your app the cleanest HTML possible from a WYSIWYG editor with Textbox.io.

International Ready

Textbox.io's UI is avaiable in 33 languages and includes support for right-to-left languages.